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In the coming months, we will launch an online community that welcomes people who are struggling, feeling alone, and are battling a sense of failure. We will provide a safe space to be heard, seen, encouraged, and inspired by others. We believe that through love, people can help each other grow into something better.

Failure is Not Final

Have you ever done something that was so horrible that you truly have no excuses? A simple “bless your heart” will not cut it, and the all-encompassing Christian Hail Mary phrase that covers a multitude of sins, “The Lord knows my heart,” just will not do. Not for this time.

You can wax poetic. You dropped the ball at the five-yard line, you did not live up to your expectations, and you fell flat. Best of all, you are only human. But when you look at the aftermath of your decisions, it looks like a battlefield of the emotionally and sometimes physically wounded.

There are no excuses. We knew better. We saw the trouble coming, and we just could not step away. We got caught up in our selfishness, caught up in fleeting excitement, and caught up in minutes of recklessness that have left a lifetime of “I wish I hadn’t.” When you peel off the weak excuses, the tissue-paper pride, the guilt, anger, and shame, “I messed up,” without just flat-out cussing, sums it up. Now what will you do?


About Eric Mansfield

Dr. Eric Mansfield is currently an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, and has also served as a pastor, an Army officer, and a North Carolina State Senator. He has experienced the splendor of success but he also knows the severe sting of failing miserably. It is only through the working of Jesus Christ that he has learned that his flaws were not fatal and his failures were not final.


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