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One patient in particular was not really a patient of mine, but she was next door to my patient. I went in to see my patient and through the curtain, I heard, “Praise God, thank You, Jesus. Praise God, thank You, Jesus.” I looked at my patient who rolled her eyes and said, “She’s been doing that all day.” So I peeped around the corner because, quite frankly, I was nosy. And I saw the woman who had had a stroke and was paralyzed on her right side, but she was taking her left hand, raising up her right hand, and saying, “Praise God and thank You, Jesus. Praise God, thank You, Jesus.” And so I asked, “Ma’am, what are you doing?” And she said, “God promised me that He would bring my right hand back, and so I praise God for what I’ve got and I thank Jesus for what I’m going to get.” And that made me shout! I started to pull my hair out right then because what she was saying is that she praises God for what she’s got, but she thanks Jesus for what she’s about to get.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to praise God for what you’ve got, and thank Jesus for what you’re about to get. Praise God for the trouble you’re in, but thank Jesus for the deliverance that’s right around the corner. Praise God for the little piece of a car you have, but thank Jesus for the big car that’s around the corner. Praise God for that little piece of an apartment that you’ve got, but thank God for the property that He’s sending your way.

I didn’t see that woman for a while because she really wasn’t my patient, but then around 6 months later, she walked into my office, came around the corner, raised her right hand, pointed her right finger and said, “Won’t He do it! Won’t He do it!” She and I both praised God in the middle of my office.

So I’m telling someone right now that what you need to do is thank God for what you’ve got and then praise Jesus for what He’s going to give you, and then you can have a great testimony. You can come around somebody’s corner, point your finger and say, “Won’t He do it! I know He will, because He’s done it for me.”