Cross on spring meadow religion and faith. Sun shining

One of my patients was a woman who had 6 previous cancers and she was sent to my office because she had a large right neck mass. When the biopsy returned I called the patient in. When I walked into her room, I sat down and said “Miss, I’m so sorry to tell you that you have cancer again.”

Before I could tell her what we needed to do, she grabbed my hand and said, “Do you mind if we prayed?” I said, “Of course, by all means, let’s pray!” And so she bowed her head, I bowed mine, and she said these simple words. “Lord, do it one more time. Amen.” I looked up at her and she looked back at me and she said, “Doc, 6 times I’ve had cancer. 6 times I’ve been cancer-free. I know the Lord and the Lord knows me. I don’t need to pray a long prayer, I just need to pray the right prayer.”

When I look back over my life, and I see how the Lord has brought me over trials and tribulations, and He’s allowed me to overcome failure, I have to be like my patient. I don’t have to have a long prayer. I can just say, “Lord, do it one more time.”

I don’t know what you’re going through, but I hope that this is your prayer today. “Lord, do it one more time.”