Eric Mansfield

I have firsthand knowledge

of what it feels like to fail.

I’ve had everything in my hands and blew it royally, just like Moses. I have shared a darkened room with Jacob, and I’ve felt the sting of losing everything that mattered. The woman at the well and I have cried long nights and endured longer days of unanswerable questions.

Like Abraham, I have wrestled with my failures and wondered when I would get it right. The shame that the woman caught in adultery felt, I have believed and thought I deserved. I know intimately the embarrassment of carelessness because I made a dumb, foolish decision like the son who left his father.

Throughout the shame, the pain, the humiliation, the embarrassment, and the guilt, I have come to know a few things: we have a Savior who redeems, a Holy Spirit who guides, and a Father who loves.

It is my greatest hope that this site will become a community where people can come and find others just like them. People who have failed and gotten back up. Overcomers who still walk with a limp. People who have scars, but their scars have given them strength and a clearer purpose. The goal is for you to leave better than when you came. I hope you will come away from this site forgiving yourself for something God has already forgotten about.

Dr. Eric Mansfield is an ENT Surgeon and has served in the United States Army and the North Carolina State Senate. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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